Advisory Olympics contest heats up


Ipsa Chaudhary

The Olympic games have traveled across the world, from Athens to Beijing to Montreal, but for the first time in school history, the Olympics have come to RBHS.
Starting this year sophomore advisories are participating in competitive activities, in addition to the long-upheld tradition of door decs. These games, which include tug-of-war and a physical rendition of the classic computer game ‘snake’, have come to be known as the “Sophomore Olympics.”
The competition was the brainchild of senior and advisory mentor Jordan Cook. Along with fellow mentors Cassie Minchew and Kathryn Walker, Cook approached guidance counselor Melissa Melahn and put forward his idea.
“We keep telling Jordan this is absolutely brilliant. Absolutely brilliant,” Melahn said. “It’s just been really fun seeing everybody interactive and … having a good, positive competition among [themselves] and getting them to all kind of interact with one another. So I think it’s great and definitely something we want to try and continue.”
The competition excited teachers and students, all of whom are equally enthralled with the contest. Advisory students share Melahn’s praise and enthusiasm for the competition and also believe it’s helped their classes with bonding.
“It’s all about the teamwork you have to put in to help your team win the tug-of-war,” sophomore Luke Darrough said, referencing the Olympics’ most recent event. “The other team just fell apart and we pulled through. We won that one.”
Beside the most recent tug-of-war, the advisories have also competed in a “snake” game, where students ran around while trying to maintain contact with each other, and the traditional door dec competition. Aside from helping advisory students bond, it has fostered a spirit of competition.
“It’s really helped us [bond] lot,” sophomore Emmanuel Ezeji said. “We might win this all; we might take it to the house you know. This is a good year. I can feel it.”

Melahn and the mentors behind the Olympics are currently planning on holding a final competition during courtwarming week, wherein some of the top teams from A-Day advisories will compete with some of the top teams from B-Day advisories. Until then, the competition continues, with a trivia competition taking place next week.

By Jake Alden, Ipsa Chaudhary, Atreyo Ghosh, Morgan Nuetzmann
For current rankings and updates on the Sophomore Olympics, follow this link or check the home page. The rankings chart is courtesy of Mrs. Melissa Melahn in guidance.