Global Village international fashion show makes come back after COVID-19 cancellations

Anjali Noel Ramesh, Editor-in-Chief

RBHS English Language Learning (ELL) teacher Lilia Ben-Ayed and over 20 students hosted the annual Global Village fashion show Thursday, March 17 during all A, B and C lunches. A long, elevated runway took up most of the Main Commons, with green and gold balloons along each side as decoration. Booming background music echoed from two large speakers as student models walked from one end of the runway to the other as their names were announced.

Ben-Ayed said most of the students involved in the fashion show were in one or more of her classes or were regulars at the club she sponsors. 

“I sponsor the [International Cultural Organization (ICO)]. You will see us participate in many activities this week,” Ben-Ayed said. “I would say a good number of the models will also be involved in the Global Village, and ICO will have two or three tables as well.”

Ben-Ayed said all the processes to join and run the fashion remained the same as they were pre-COVID-19. Students submitted their model applications the week before all Global Village events commenced, and were also able to see the different types of clothing they would wear displayed outside of Ben-Ayed’s classroom all throughout the past two weeks. Although many of the models came from various cultural backgrounds, they had the chance to represent countries they did not originate from through the show. Junior Beatrice Furaha took advantage of this opportunity.

“I’m originally from [the Democratic Republic of Congo], but I represented India [in the fashion show],” Furaha said. “I decided to do the fashion show because I wanted to showcase the different and diverse cultures we have at [RBHS].”

Among the countries represented were Egypt, England, Rwanda, Libya and Mexico. Senior Aveen Gadban wore traditional Kurdistan clothing for the fashion show. 

“I brought my own dress and made sure it fit and was good to go,” Gadban said. “I wanted to be and feel more involved in my school before leaving for college.”

To conclude the show, students played hand-held drums and danced in circles before pausing for a large group photo with all the models and Ben-Ayed. After the cancellation of all Global Village-related events in 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ben-Ayed said the ability to have the fashion show this year was one she was grateful for.

“I think it’s a happy feeling that we get to experience, you know,” Ben-Ayed said. “Giving students opportunities to learn about different countries.”

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