Boys’ varsity basketball dominates Kansas City High School


Senior Evan Bentinganan scores a layup at the boys’ varsity basketball game Tuesday, Feb. 10. “The season has been great so far,” Bentinganan said. “Our lows include 3 losses early on in the season but we’ve won 14 straight so most of it has been highlights, especially our tournament wins.” Photo by Ana Manzano.

Ana Manzano

[/vc_column_inner]On the center of the court in the RBHS main gym, under the fluorescent light from the spotlight shining above, the speaker began announcing the boys basketball starters, ushering them to center court. After the first player, though, the PA announcement system suddenly stopped working, creating an awkward silence. The student section, stepping up to its roll, exploded into cheers and picked up starter announcements. They yelled “Brant Bower,” followed by “Charles Wilson,” and so on until all starters had been announced, and the lights in the gym turned back on. 

With the energy and support from an encouraging crowd, the Bruins had a powerful start. The intensity continued until the second half, where the team settled comfortably into a 43-29 lead against Northeast Kansas City High School. By the second half, most of the student section had fizzled out, but the team’s bench kept the energy up. At the end of the fourth period, sophomore JV players Nathan Dent and Will Norris had a chance to step onto the court. Both scored multiple 3-pointers and were cheered on by the varsity bench. According to senior guard Charles Wilson, this type of encouragement was a major contributor to the team’s 93-59 win.

“I think that our bench was the main reason we dominated [the game],” Wilson said. “They gave us energy and pushed the lead for us.”

The support from the bench has been important throughout the season, as a majority of the team’s games haven’t been at home. Despite the lack of home games and a significant loss of graduating seniors from the start of the new season, the team has a 17-3 record. 

“After losing so much firepower from last year’s squad, we were overlooked coming into the season,” senior guard Evan Bentinganan said.[/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner]Last year’s state championship win has set expectations high for the team, but after 14 straight wins and determination from players like Wilson, a state championship win is within reach.

“Our dream, and what keeps us moving, is us making it back to final four or even state,” Wilson said. “Most people think we’re crazy, but I want another ring.”[penci_image_gallery images=”326603,326602,326600,326599,326598″ auto_time=”4000″ speed=”800″ block_title_align=”style-title-left”][penci_text_block block_title_align=”style-title-left”]What was your favorite moment in the game? Let us know in the comments below.[/penci_text_block]