Seven different groups perform in CPS’s third annual Como Cow


Isaac Parrish

RBHS hosted CPS’s third annual Como Cow lip sync competition April 3, sponsored by Children’s Grove. The videos below are recordings of each group in order of occurrence.
[vc_video link=””]The first performance is by a group of students from BHS who call themselves “Battle Step.”
[vc_video link=”″]The second performance by the “Croissants,” a group of RBHS students, utilizes only French music.[vc_video link=””]The “Student Government” of HHS took the stage for the third performance of the night.
[vc_video link=””]Fourth in line is “The Babe Bunch,” a group of girls from BHS.
[vc_video link=””]Girls from RBHS make up the group known as “Gen Z,” who are the fifth and final group of students to perform that night.
[vc_video link=”″]The sixth performance of the night is accredited to the first of two dance groups made up solely of teachers, BHS’s “Seasons of Love.”
[vc_video link=””]”Déjà Moo,” the second group of just teachers and the seventh one of the night altogether, closes Como Cow with one final performance.Do you have any favorite show in particular? Let us know in the comments below!