Athletes weigh in on physical therapy types


Electrical stimulation in physical therapy. Electrodes positioned on a female athlete’s lower back muscles

Jordyn Thompson

Junior LuLu Frey was in pain from her slight spine curvature and realized that the only way to relieve her pain was to go to physical therapy. She felt the program was so benefitting, she still does her strengthening exercises everyday..
When a person gets hurt, they might see a doctor, however some injuries are handled by two other specialists. Some musculoskeletal issues or torn ligaments of a patient may be taken to physical therapy or a chiropractic professional. But even though both treatments are similar  in relieving pain through the nerves and skeletal parts of the body, they have disparities that set them apart.
“They [physical therapist and chiropractors] do a lot of crossovers and treat the same things,” Peak Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, athletic trainer Phil Threatt said. ”However,chiropractors are able to refer fractures or sprains to a specialist or physician.”
Doctors of Chiropractors in some states are considered as health care providers and can refer patients while Doctors of physical therapy aren’t thought as practitioners according to Northern Edge Physical Therapy .
The Joint Chiropractic explained physical therapy treatment for people that need to repair and diagnose movement impairments as using active stretching, hot or cold therapy and specific exercises to repair and diagnose movement impairments. Joint Chiropractic always stated the goal of physical therapy is to prevent future injuries and to help patients improve movement where the person might be injured at.
Senior Sydni Brown and her mom go to the Chiropractor each month because they both share pinched nerves in the neck.
“I go to the chiropractor at least once a month because it helps drain my sinuses and the nerve on my neck,” Brown said. “I don’t go to physical therapy because it is an opposite therapy than what I need and my condition would be worse if I didn’t go to my chiropractor .”
Those who use chiropractic therapy wish to realign the spinal vertebrae and want to alleviate pain pressure from the nerves. The chiropractor adjusts the spine and nerves using his or her  hands or altering device.
Selfgrowth a website where experts share information,says chiropractic treatment on your ligament injury will not focus on letting you perform physical exercises to strengthen the muscles again. Physical therapists are the experts on this one. What a chiropractor can help a person with is to lessen or reduce the inflammation on his or her knees.
”I’ve never considered visiting a chiropractor before partly because it is unfamiliar area to me,” senior Siyuan Guo said, “but also the cause of the problem for me was the torn ligament and the muscle.”
Chiropractic therapy can also relieve some symptoms from other conditions such as earaches, depression or asthma, according to Joint Chiropractic, a chiropractic clinic.This is because chiropractic treatment  focuses more on the bodies nervous system.
VeryWell Health, a medical website suggests that most lower back including lumbar muscle strains,like Guo’s condition, encourage gentle movement exercises like physical therapy or light stretching.
“I don’t really like physical therapy based on my own experience,but I do know how it has helped my friends,” Guo says.”I went there for my lumbar muscle strain,and I think it would be better if it could help cure my strain instead of just relieve the pain.”
A physical therapist has knowledge of everyday muscle coordination,sports performance and heart rehabilitation,according to The Arrowhead clinic . In addition, both jobs require a doctorate degree. A physical therapist must have 3,500 instructional hours, while a chiropractor requires 5,200. Each of these specialists diagnose and treat patients for different conditions. Florida Spine and Injury says, doctors of chiropractic can legally diagnose joint subluxation which is when a patient’s joints begin to dislocate and other nerve conditions. On the other hand,WebMD an online medical website states, physical therapists are able to diagnose disorders that occur in tendons, muscles and ligaments.
“More times than not you are going to see a medical physician get more business than a chiropractor or physical therapist,” Threatt said,” It all depends on what your parents will send you to.”
Parents, for Frey, had a big influence on her therapy options as well. Frey’s dad prevented her from going to the chiropractor because of his past bad experience. Although Frey has yet to try seeing a chiropractor, she has had a good exposure to physical therapy.
“It was just relaxing and interesting for me to see how certain exercises can help me feel instantly better,” Frey said.