Find Your Passion: Allie


Allie Pigg

Oprah Winfrey calls passion an energy.
One may find that energy when they discover a place where they feel comfortable; where they feel free to put everything into enjoying where they’re at despite the pressures from outside that place. For the five varsity soccer players in this frame, this place holds energy. This place is their passion.
This photo gives off tranquil movement that makes the photo feel good. The setting sun in the background brings the feeling of a passionate place to life. The sunlight peeking through from behind the scoreboard gives the entire photo a warm color. The blurred trees and flowing flag in the background create breezy movement, illustrating the crisp air of soccer games at sunset.
It feels natural.
The scoreboard in the back reads 0-0. This moment happened before any competition hits; before any goal sets these players back or boosts them forward. They are just enjoying being there together, giving their energy into warming up for this match.
Three of the five people in the frame are seniors, warming up to play one of their last match-ups against their rival team. This hype is their passion. The excitement of watching people file into the stadium and the nerves as the prepare to kick off. Once the whistle blows and they settle into play, their nerves will calm a bit, but the excitement will still flow through their veins. Competing, alongside their teammates and brothers, is what they love to do.
The captain in the middle of the frame, the focal point of the photo, points toward at the goal, representing his status as a team leader. His teammates around him laugh at whatever he points at. It doesn’t matter what they’re looking at, just that they’re looking at it together. The captain’s arm pointing forward and the heads of his teammates looking both at him and at whatever he points at creates a feeling of centeredness and parallels the idea of being in a place where passion can thrive.
A place turns into a home for passion when people find others to share their passion with, and people find their passion when they are dedicated to doing something. For these athletes, their “something” is leaving their energy out on the field alongside their brothers who want to do the same thing.
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