Santa visits for breakfast Saturday; seniors volunteer for fundraiser


Student volunteers spent Friday afternoon decorating the school in preparation for the Breakfast with Santa event. Photo by Adam Schoelz.

Jake Alden

Student volunteers spent Friday afternoon decorating the school in preparation for the Breakfast with Santa. The event raises money for senior class activities. Photo by Adam Schoelz

Starting at 9 a.m. tomorrow, RBHS will host local children, their families and the jolly old elf himself in honor of the Christmas season and to raise money for the school’s senior class.
Every year, RBHS’ Student Council puts on a “Breakfast with Santa” for the community, and this year is no exception. Leading up to Saturday, Student Council will string the halls with Christmas lights and paint the halls with holiday scenes. The admission of $5.00 a person paid by families buys them a breakfast and a seat on Santa’s lap for their children. The event will help fund the senior class of 2013’s prom and picnic, making their admission tickets less expensive. 
“We get donations for the food from different places in the community,” said STUCO representative senior Sydney Strong. “Different grocery stores provide some of the food and the crafts.”
STUCO has been preparing for the past few weeks, with the bulk of the breakfast organized by the council’s senior members.
“We break into committees that get parents organized to help,”  said STUCO representative senior Rachel Muzzy. “We have food committees, decoration committees and logistics committees that handle crafts and things like that.”
There are several different “North Poles” set up for Saturday, each corresponding to a different color. When families arrive at the doors, their children’s hands are stamped with a color and they are sent, when it’s their turn, to that North Pole. Because so many children attend, multiple volunteers dress up as Santa and each is assigned to a different, well-concealed North Pole in the school. This keeps children from realizing that more than one Santa came to RBHS.
A number of student volunteers also dress up as elves. While the “head elves” are Student Council members involved in the event’s planning, the majority are fellow seniors who volunteer to dress up and assist.
“We have to get as many seniors as we can to help us, and then we get moms to also help us get donations and handle other organizational aspects of it,” Muzzy said. “So it takes a lot of people to make it come together.”
By Jake Alden