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Scholar Bowl starts Jan. 4


In October, freshmen Rohan Rao and Zihao Zhou were trying to find out when the Scholar Bowl meetings were. Confused, they asked around until they both found out that Scholar Bowl was not a club this year.

Zihao texted Rohan, “ We should start Scholar Bowl.” After that fateful text, they went on a long hard journey to bring back Scholar Bowl.

Zhou and Rao first went to the office and tried to register for Scholar Bowl but quickly learned that they needed a sponsor to sign up. In November, they asked all around until they found a teacher that wanted to sponsor. Melody Grayson volunteered to become the sponsor for Scholar Bowl.

There was a Scholar Bowl at RBHS for many years but not this year because the previous sponsor, Gregory Irwin, did not want to do Scholar Bowl anymore.

“ A few years ago, my wife and I were thinking about being foster parents, and so the long process of becoming foster parents was one part of it,” Irwin said, “Another part was that we were meeting several times a week and I was the coach for 11 years. That burned me out.”

On January 4, Scholar Bowl will have their first meeting. Scholar Bowl is a club where students compete in a competition in which they are asked trivia questions in different categories.  

Zhou, who helped reboot the club, feels hopeful about the future of Scholar Bowl and he said that it could help students gain confidence and have fun with their friends.

“I’m optimistic for the future of this club and that we can stay as one of the best in the nation, as Rock Bridge did under Mr. Irwin.”

Abbie Sivaraman is a freshman at RBHS, and she is interested in participating in Scholar Bowl, and she hopes that this club stays at Rock Bridge.

“I like these kinds of competitions because I’m very competitive,” Sivaraman said. “And, I want to learn some new things I hadn’t known before.”

Zhou feels that this could be the right place for students to compete and have a good time. He said that this club was a “good opportunity for students to learn”.

“I think this club can open some doors in learning that they couldn’t see before and give a nice competition aspect to it to have fun while learning new things,” Zhou said.

Rao also believes that even though participating in Scholar Bowl can be put on a person’s resume, it shouldn’t be the only reason to join a club.

“It does look good on your extracurriculars if you succeed in Scholar Bowl,” Rao said. “ but when people join clubs only to build up a positive image, they tend not to enjoy what they are doing. It is a competition, but it’s just for fun and some of the information you learn in this club, you can use in your other classes too.”

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