Girls’ volleyball falls to Hermann Bearcats


Bruins celebrate at volleyball Jamboree held at Battle Aug 23. Photo by Allie Pigg

Maddie Murphy

The RBHS volleyball team endured a premature loss in Hermann, MO on Sept. 11 against the Hermann High School (HHS) Lady Bearcats, falling 0-2. HHS swept the Bruins in only two sets, but RBHS is not feeling discouraged by this loss. The Bruins fought to use their defense to their advantage, preventing further damage. The Bruins attribute their aggressive style of play to a game they play during practice to help them develop a more forceful court presence.
“This season for practice we have been playing a game called 21 that has really helped us prepare for games,” sophomore varsity volleyball player Addison Eagle said. “The game is a race to 21 points and is [played at] a very high pace. It prepares us and teaches us to be aggressive and be the first team to get to 21 points. The game teaches us to never give up, even if you are behind, because chances are, you can catch up and win. It also teaches the team how to play smart, and to do what it takes to get to that point. It has taught our team to stay focused and determined overall, and it is definitely a team favorite.”
Team chemistry is also something the Bruins have been using this game to improve upon. While the game 21 didn’t secure a win this time around, the Bruins know that practice builds on more than just skill.

“From playing this game I think we have all developed better chemistry with each other as we understand who everyone is as a player overall making the whole team closer,” Eagle said. “This year we are focusing on putting all of our talents together and working as a team to win games.”
In order to face such a competitive team, the Bruins have been hard at work all preseason and in practice. The team has been scrimmaging and conditioning a lot to get into shape for long, aggressive games. This helped the athletes go into the game with a positive mentality.
“Leading up to the game we were very relaxed, visualizing how the game was going to go,” senior varsity volleyball player Abby Green said. “We weren’t very stressed out, but we knew this team had gotten second at state last year so it was going to be a hard team to beat.”
If she could do it over again, Green said she wished the team would have focused more on communication, but its biggest strength is the community that they have with one another.

“As a team, we should have communicated better and outsmarted the other team by running different plays and attacks,” Green said. “Our biggest strength as a team is being one family. Everyone on the team has a special role and it’s so fun to play together.”

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