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Whistle in the dark

Bailey Stover April 30, 2019
An American is sexually assaulted every 92 seconds, according to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN). Every nine minutes, the victim is a child.
19 under 19

19 under 19

Multiple Authors April 29, 2019
Hidden among RBHS' 1,934 students are innovators, leaders and trailblazers. 19 under 19 brings 19 of these impactful lives to light.
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Realizing the difference between busyness and fullness

Maddie Murphy March 7, 2019
In the last two months, my life has changed. The change was as minute as changing one four-letter word from my vocabulary to another four letter word.
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Girls’ basketball advances to state quarterfinals, wins against Lebanon High School

Maddie Murphy March 6, 2019
Sedalia seems to be a good court for both the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams. The Lady Bruins defeated Lebanon High School (LHS) (54-46) Wednesday, March 6 in Sedalia, Mo. This win brings the Bruins to [18-9] on the year and allows the team to advance the state quarterfinals.
Photo by George Frey.

Boys’ basketball defeats Camdenton, advances to state quarterfinals

Maddie Murphy March 6, 2019
Tonight’s dominant win versus the Camdenton High School (CHS) Lakers advances the Bruins to [22-3] on the year.
Sophomore guard Daveon Stuart attempts to make a shot during the second half of the game. Despite the Raymond-Peculiar player being an obstacle, Stuart managed to make the shot, giving the Bruins an extra two points. Photo by George Frey

Boys’ basketball cruises past RPHS in district championship

Multiple Authors March 2, 2019
The Bruins beat Raymore-Peculiar High School (RPHS) Friday, March 1 (73-35) in the district championship game.
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Songs that are so chill, you may need a coat

Maddie Murphy March 1, 2019
This playlist is comprised of a collection of my favorite songs for relaxing, studying or anything that involves being calm.
Feature photo by Asa Lory

Childhood tales affect adult morality

Bailey Stover February 28, 2019
Raised by parents from South Sudan, freshman Mabior Akuiem grew up in Kenya before moving to the U.S. in 2015. From folk tales about how a mustache became stuck on a person’s face to his father’s life story, Akuiem absorbed the world around him and processed it in his own way, allowing the experiences and morals he heard to shape him.
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An open letter to high school as a second semester senior

Maddie Murphy February 27, 2019
As I enter my eighth, and final, semester, the comradery I’ve felt is unmatched. The conversations are becoming more vulnerable. The smiles are becoming more genuine. The hugs are getting tighter. The days are becoming fewer and fewer and the nostalgia is becoming more and more.
Boys basketball wins over Belton in district semifinal game

Boys’ basketball wins over Belton in district semifinal game

Maddie Murphy February 27, 2019

From the first possession of the game, the boys’ basketball team began its lead over Belton High School (BHS) in dominant fashion. Senior guard Noah Patrick sunk a three-pointer in that possession, starting...

Art by Isabel Thoroughman

Send out schedule information earlier

Maddie Murphy February 25, 2019
ith schedule deadlines still in the rear-view mirror and the online change request deadline quickly approaching, students are becoming more and more frustrated with the state of our guidance department. While the overwhelming nature of this busy season for school counselors seems daunting, a solution seems outlandish; however, all we must do is give scheduling information to students and their families before winter break.
Seniors struggle with applying to college, receive teacher assistance

Seniors struggle with applying to college, receive teacher assistance

Emily Oba February 25, 2019
The frenzy of applying to college can become overwhelming for students who give themselves many options of schools.
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