Choosing your future path


Georgia Godier

There are many career paths one can take after graduating, maybe it’s getting a job, going to college, or not doing anything at all. As a highschooler we are starting to think about the future and many people think ‘is college worth it?’. College comes with many expenses and and is very time consuming, so many people decide to not go at all and just get a job instead.
There are two sides to every argument, college is a great experience and gives you better opportunities for the future. It’s also about the achievements and the life lessons and skills you learn in college that you don’t learn in high school. It gives you the opportunity to gain the knowledge you will need for your dream job, and to build a future.
Some people will argue that college is a waste of time and that they can still get a job without having to go to college. And student loan is crippling for college students and that debt will stick with you for years. And in some cases college degrees don’t guarantee jobs.
Right now only 40 percent of working-aged americans have a college degree. And about 65 percent of high school students go to college, but that doesn’t mean they finish it. Currently, community colleges enroll more than 6 million students in the United States. Thirty percent of college and university students drop out after their first year. Not everyone’s future goes as planned, but what do you want your future to look like?