Boys’ golf prepares for district competition

Boys golf prepares for district competition

Jordan Rogers

[dropcap style=”simple” size=”4″]B[/dropcap]oys’ golf will tee off at districts April 30 at the Meadowlake Country Club. The extreme weather that the team has dealt with definitely hasn’t helped them during their first few matches. Golfers have battled cold, rainy and snowy conditions this season; however, freshman Sean Minor is proud of the team for its ability to overcome these obstacles. Things are looking up for the golfers, as temperatures are supposed to be in the high 70’s on April 30.
“I’m proud of our team effort and [9-1] record despite the crazy weather. I feel like my game is progressing, and I was pleased with my performance in our first 18-hole match,” Minor said. “Right now, I am doing my best to be patient with my game and give great effort each day at practice.”
At [9-1] on the season, RBHS hopes to continue their early success.
“I’ve worked on sharpening my game by identifying my tendencies. Once I understand my common misses, I can focus on aiming at the right target that will leave me the best opportunity to score,” Minor said. “My dad taught me that when I take dead aim, I’m shooting a shotgun of my misses at the green, not a sniper rifle. Since I started playing tournament golf, we’ve focused a great deal of time preparing for each match, so I can feel as comfortable as I am with my home course.”
Minor isn’t the only golfer who looks to create a comfortable environment for playing. Senior Sam Rentschler focuses on calming himself to better his performance.
“When I go into a match, I expect my game to be prepared to play conservative and stress-free golf,” Rentschler said. “It’s a lot easier to score if you can hit fairways and greens.”
Rentschler, however, doesn’t like using the unprecedented weather as an excuse; instead, he believes the weather has forced the team to work together more.
“The weather has definitely made it a little bit tougher with the wind and cold temperature,” Rentschler said. “It definitely restricts how much you can practice outside, so I usually hit inside. The two matches we have played in the weather [were] actually really cooperative.”
While Rentschler feels the team worked well together during the bad weather, head coach Austin Reed sees it as a “bummer” that two of the teams matches have been canceled this season.
Looking ahead, Reed tries to prepare his team for the different golf courses the Bruins will encounter, and how to approach each one.
“[We prepare for each match] based off the conditions and the course layout,” Reed said. “Guys need to think about each course differently.”