Fifth Annual Art Showcase to happen April 22


Ryan Choe

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his year marks the the fifth time RBHS will feature the artwork from art students in Advanced Placement (AP) art classes at the Annual Art Showcase. The showcase will be April 22 and open to the public from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The show will have free admission and will be located around the north commons and main area of the school. Art pieces from the Advanced Placement (AP) art classes and other students from other art classes will be on display for families and friends to see.
Senior Jadie Arnett spent some of her past Alternating Unassigned Times (AUTs) working on some of the art installation that will be featured in the show. Arnett, along with her classmates in the AP Art 2 class, started preparing their artwork around the week of spring break.
“Art has always been my favorite subject in school,” Arnett said. “So I love [the fact] that I’ll be creating art during my AUT instead of doing my homework.”
The art show will feature a flight theme, where viewers will see cloud-like sketches of art as they walk into the school. Arnett says the goal of the this year’s theme is to make the audience feel like they are walking through the clouds.
“The [art] installation is the interactive part of the show,” Arnett said. “The art show [won’t be] like walking through a silent museum. Everybody [will be] talking, eating and enjoying the work.”

A piece of art for the showcase is worked on in room 319. Photo by Camryn DeVore
A piece of art for the showcase is worked on in room 319. Photo by Camryn DeVore
Fellow senior and AP Art 2 classmate Grace Kirk also looks forward to the art show with much excitement. Kirk was involved in previous art shows and is curious to see how this year’s show will turn out.
“One thing that I always look forward to every year [are] the seniors’ concentration pieces,” Kirk said. “[We] have been working on them all year and it’s really cool to see all of the seniors’ work up there [on display]. They have all of their range pieces plus all of their [other] work on display.”
Kirk hopes people come out to the art show so they can truly see how much work the artists have accomplished over the year. In Kirk’s opinion, art is one of the most fascinating things in the world, which is a reason in itself for people to stop by and take a peek.
“People should come out just to see what their friends and peers are doing,” Kirk said. “[They] should acknowledge the fact that art is an actual thing that happens in high school. For a good many of us [art] is an integral part of our lives and very important, so it’s always nice to have our work recognized.”
When it comes to people who yearn for art to be recognized, RBHS art teacher Abigail Gorsage strongly fits the description. As Arnett and Kirk’s AP Art 2 teacher, Gorsage, has enjoyed spending the last few weeks with her students preparing for the show.
[quote]“For a good many of us [art] is an integral part of our lives and very important, so it’s always nice to have our work recognized,” Kirk said. [/quote]
During that time frame, Gorsage has worked with the leaders of Art Happenings (AHA) club to help set up the structure of the show. Specifically, Gorsage helps gather the pieces from the art students and also assist with the setting up of the artwork for the show. Through the hard work, Gorsage believes the showcase can provide a window of opportunity for the visual art department.
“I think the artwork itself is an opportunity for students and faculty to see [our work] because as artists we don’t get very many opportunities to showcase our talents like the other art departments,” Gorsage said. “So this is kind of the opportunity for the visual artists to showcase our talent and hard work.”
When the time comes for the art students and teachers to look back on their work, it will provide a great chance for them to see just how much of an amazing job they have done. Arnett can’t wait to see how the art of her classmates turns out, for it’s her favorite part of the entire showcase process.
“It’s amazing to see everyone [else’s] style of art,” Arnett said. “[Especially] when they’re using the same mediums and have the same prompt. I [hope people can] see every advanced [art] students’ artwork.”