Student Council prepares for ‘Board’Warming


Jacob Sykuta

This year’s courtwarming dance brings back childhood nostalgia of playing game night with family members, as the theme takes on board games entitled, “Game On, Rock Bridge! ‘Board’Warming 2018.” The week leading up to the dance will emphasize school spirit by featuring board game inspired themes and costumes, all leading to the “Murder Mystery Masquerade” dance. The annual courtwarming dance will take place from 7:30-10:30 p.m., on Feb. 24 at RBHS.
Student Council encourages students to participate in dressing up for the week, sponsor Kelley Wittenborn said. She sees the dance as a way for students to have a good time in a non-school environment.
“I always look forward to seeing students get all dressed up and happy to be [at the dance],” Wittenborn said. “I hope [students] like [dances] because they are an opportunity to have fun and hang out with their friends.”
Although there was originally conversation about hiring a live band, Student Council hired Shark Attack, who has been hired as the DJ for many previous dances. Although junior Bennett Lawson, a member of Student Council, would prefer a live band, he understands the greater number of benefits hiring a DJ offers.
“We hired DJ Shark Attack because of previous work experiences in which he has proven [to be] reliable,” Lawson said. “Personally I feel like a band would bring a different vibe to the dance, and it would have seen something new that we haven’t seen at a Rock Bridge dance, [but a DJ has a] wider variety of music, so that [music] everyone like[s] has a probability of being played.”

Theme Days:

Monday NO SCHOOl
Tuesday “What Do You Meme?” 
Dress up like your favorite meme!
WEDNESDAY “Sweet Dreams in Candy Land!”
PJ Day!
Thursday “Guess Who?”
Twin Day!
Friday “The Game of Life”
Dress as your future career!