Acting Troupe to perform comedy ‘Bamboozled’


Practice 12-12-2017-3

Katie Whaley

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]n elite group of RBHS actors will take over the Performing Arts Center (PAC) lobby tomorrow, Dec. 15 to present the comedy “Bamboozled.” The group, named the Upstagers, or more commonly known as the RBHS Acting Troupe, has been preparing this production since this past summer. They hope to bring laughter to audience members and show off their acting skills.
Drama director Holly Kerns believes the organization has worked hard for the performance and will be relatable to anyone who watches.
“The acting troupe is a year long, dedicated group who is preparing and keeping ready performances that can travel. We go to remote locations to perform. Students auditioned for this in May [of the last school year,]” Kerns said. “Bamboozled is a street theatre-type performance with few props and set pieces. It utilizes entertaining tropes and jokes and is very accessible to anyone. We use stock characters that are universally recognized.”
Actors in the troupe are ecstatic that they are going to show what they’ve been working on all semester and entertain audiences with humor. Senior Rebecca Simmons said the troupe is ready to take the stage.
“I am excited for the audiences reactions. Since it is a comedy the goal to the performance is to get a reaction. I am aiming to get the audience to laugh but I still don’t know how they will react,” Simmons said. “[The best part of performing a comedy is] the laughs. It doesn’t matter if they are in rehearsal, from the audience, or backstage during the show. Laughter is a form of success in a comedy and sometimes you just need to laugh.”
Like Simmons, junior Lucy Beattie loves the play. She says the cast enjoys rehearsing the play as many members break character to laugh.
“Performing a commedia is incredibly fun. It’s hilarious and you get to be ridiculous while having fun.
The Upstagers and I have been practicing our lines since the summer and we have all worked hard to keep our blocking and lines memorized,” Beattie said. “The audience should expect some fun bamboozling, and a lot of laughter. I hope the audience likes this piece as much as I do.”
Despite the giggles in practice, Kerns thinks the group is ready for tomorrow’s show. She said the performance starts at 6:30 pm and tickets are $6 or $4 with I.D.
“This performance is fun to present on home turf. We have performed this show before and will do it many times in the next semester,” Kerns said. “I love it’s flexibility. Friends and family haven’t seen it yet, though and this is exciting. The actors have put a lot of time and energy into making the show accessible to a wide audience.”