Art Honor Association to paint mural


Photo by Maya Bell

Nikol Slatinska

The Art Honor Association (AHA) club will begin working on a school mural early next semester. The exact location of the mural is unknown, but club co-leader and senior Grace Kirk hopes it’s somewhere that allows many students to see the piece every day.
“Rock Bridge walls are so bland and terrible,” Kirk said. “Walking by all the murals in the art wing is really nice, but I think if we choose somewhere else it’ll be better because more people will see the mural, and it won’t just be the art wing that is colorful.”
Students can join AHA during any time of the year and be a part of the mural-making process, club sponsor Abigail Gorsage said. AHA has also partnered with Student Coalition for the project in order to obtain approval and funding for the mural. Going from there, the two clubs will collaborate on potential ideas in order to create the final design.
“Our hope for the mural is to showcase the hard work of our visual artists here at Rock Bridge.  We are also wanting to create a mural that celebrates the rich diversity of our Rock Bridge family, while simultaneously highlighting what we have in common,” Gorsage said. “Art is such a powerful vehicle for telling the story of the human experience, and we are excited to have the opportunity to tell ours.”
AHA treasurer and senior Jadie Arnett said art club members are leaning towards a more interactive theme. The idea is to be based off of the popular children’s’ book series, “Where’s Waldo?”
[The mural would] be a painting of the football field that has all the different clubs and sports present, and you’d have to try and find the bruin bear,” Arnett said. “I think we’re wanting the mural to…make people want to stop and actually look at it instead of just glancing as they walk by.”
Kirk is excited for the mural but apprehensive because of the increased number of club members this year. Although finding a way to collaborate with everyone will be a challenge, she knows the process will be fun and rewarding in the end.
I don’t think we actually know when exactly we’re going to make the mural, but we’re definitely going to do it this year because that’s something Izzy [Gomper], Maya [Bell] and I have wanted to do ever since Izzy became club president,” Kirk said. “We talk about it often.”