RBHS to host College & Career Fair Village


Katie Whaley

RBHS will hold its bi-annual Career & College Village (CCV) Friday, Oct. 27. The event, organized by guidance counselor Rachel Reed, is to give students an opportunity to meet people in career paths they’re interested in and explore different colleges and other after-graduation options.
The event is split into two parts; one section of presentations and panels and another with a college fair. Members of the community in various career paths run the presentations and panels to inform students about their lines of work, what classes they should take in college to prepare and what students can expect going into certain career paths. Students can go to two of the 49 presentations and panels, which they chose two weeks before the event.
After the presentations and panels, students can go to the main gym to the CCV. In there, colleges have booths set up for students to ask questions about colleges of interest and learn more about post-graduation options.
“A lot of time and effort goes into preparing for the CCV. I would venture that in the month of Sept. we put well over 100 hours into classroom lessons for each grade level, contacting potential panelists and representatives, organizing RSVPs, reaching out to local businesses and colleges for bingo prizes and college ‘swag’ to display during the CCV week,” Reed said. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s an event we’re incredibly excited about and one we believe really helps our students with planning for their future.”
Planning for college is something junior Anusha Mishra finds exciting, as she wants to make sure the college she goes to challenges her mentally and is a comfortable place. Mishra loved the last college fair and hopes this one can live up to her expectations.
“[The CCV my freshman year] had colleges that I didn’t know that much about and I was interested in them as well. There were a lot of differing colleges so you were bound to find one that had a major you were interested in,” Mishra said. “I think if you’re still struggling to even start planning, it’s a good place to start.”
One panelist, Matt Boyd, who works at QuesTec Mechanical, is ready to teach others about his career and learn from other panelists. He sees the panels as a great place for students to get connections with professionals in career paths they plan on going into.
“I am in Construction Business Development. More than just what I want to do, I want to go over all the different career paths that my company offers. Whether you want a 4 year degree, or a GED, there are great career paths for all who want to work,” Boyd said. “[I want students to learn] they don’t need to think a four year university and a mountain of debt is their only option after high school. If the career path they want takes them that way, that’s great, but there are plenty of options available in today’s job market.”
In addition to the fair, Reed invited Lilly’s Cantina, Grill A Brothers and Manzo’s Brick Oven Pizza food trucks for students and staff to eat lunch at. The vendors will be outside the front entrance from 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. The MU Life Flight Helicopter will also be in the south lot for students to tour. The flight crew will also be available to present information about their job and training and to answer questions.
“What I hope students get out of this experience is more information and insight into whatever it is they are currently interested in, and also to gain a more clear understanding of how they can successfully make those interests a reality,” Reed said. “I really think that this event is applicable to every student regardless of where they are in the process – for students who have no clue what they want to do in the future, there are a variety of panels they can choose from to hear about the various options, for students who have it all figured out, there are resources to help them get to where they want to go.”