Clubs host Harry Potter movie night


Photo by Asa Lory.

Stazi Prost

In an effort to do something fun for the school as well as raise money for both clubs, starting at 5:30 p.m. this Thursday, Nov. 14, Drama Club and

Photo Illustration by Asa Lory
Dumbledore’s Army will show parts 1 and 2 of the seventh Harry Potter movie in the RBHS Performing Arts Center. Since an event like this has never been done before between the two clubs, expectations are up in the air.
Senior Gracie Strawn is the main organizer behind the event. An event that happened in years passed, where students watched the Star Wars movies, inspired the idea. Strawn said that with her decision to show the Harry Potter movies, she “took the idea and modernized it.” Tailoring this event was a no-brainer for her.
“I know the kids in Harry Potter Club [Dumbledore’s Army] would enjoy something like this, and the school encourages clubs to work together,” Strawn said. “The combination of the two clubs was an easy choice.”
Two dollar donations are encouraged at the event. All of the money raised will be split between the two clubs. While senior member Julia Schaller said Dumbledore’s Army doesn’t know exactly what they will do with their money, Drama Club has several plans with what to do with their earnings.
“Basically the Drama Club doesn’t have as much money right now because we haven’t been able to do many fundraisers,” senior and Drama Club member Carmel Shaka said. “Once the Drama Club gets more money in, we can pay for shows for students to go watch, or we can pay for trips like the International Thespian conference that we are having in January.”
While the event just has its participants watching movies, members of both clubs still agree the event is something special. They agree that watching the last two Harry Potter movies together will create an atmosphere that makes the event worth coming to.
“Everyone getting dressed up and getting excited creates an awesome energy that makes watching the movies that much more exciting even if you’ve seen them hundreds of times, as I’m sure most of us have,” junior Sam Ryan said. “Watching the movies at my house just wouldn’t be as exciting.”
By Stazi Prost
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