Humans of True/False


“I really wanted to come up here with my friend and his band because I wanted to get out of town. I’ve been in New Orleans carnival season for a month and getting out of the thick of the crazy parties sounded great. I sourt of thought this would be kind of mellow, but this is like a really great party, too. It’s awesome, but I really love being able to sit in a dark theater and have a seat to myself and enjoy these incredible movies. My mind is getting blown every night.” -Esther Rose

“I am a massage therapist, a yoga instructor and theater maker and performer. I do and love all those things because they’re all feeling arts and they all deal art connection with body mind and spirit. I’m invested in encountering the uncomfortable.” -Jenny Hipscher (left)

“I was a queen [last year] and I love just being able to dress up and be myself for once instead of normal clothes, so that’s why I do it … People are just really exited to see you [as a queen] and take pictures of you from across the street and ask you to take pictures with you, so that was a surprise.” -Reneise White

Neeley Curent: “We’ve been selling popcorn for City Garden school, a local non-profit. It serves first through fifth grade [and] it’s an arts and outdoor education school here in Columbia.

Why did you decide to give popcorn out now? Nick Curent: “Because people like movies and popcorn is the best thing to have with a movie.”

Neeley Curent: “Yeah, we wanted to get the word out about our school. We founded it three years ago and this was a good time to let the community know about what we’re doing because we think it’s a valuable part of the community.”

“I love True False. This is my third year volunteering. It’s my favorite time of year in Columbia. I got here at 7:45 a.m. this morning and I’m supposed to be off at 2:30 p.m., but I stay a little later to help out. I like getting to see the directors when they come in for their films and just seeing the behind-the-scenes because it’s really fun to know everything [that’s going on.]” -Tawnya Rivers

“This is my seventh year I came in 2010, I just happened upon it. I saw some people that were queening and were dressed up and they get to tell people what’s going on and be a know-it-all and that is for me. It’s totally for me and I just keep coming back. Plus I get to make new outfits every year.” -Beth Hunter

“I love true false because of the films, the atmosphere the music and just the festival atmosphere. It is great. I’m just really excited for the whole thing.” -Jill Schmidt

“True/False is the highlight of the year for me. We’ve been coming here for 8 years and I would say that I’m an unapologetic True False film festival zelate.” -James and Marie Tart