Global Village week ends with cultural food, experience


Cassidy Viox

Hundreds of students visit each booth in the hallways during Global Village. Booths often offer food, beverages, souvenirs and information about each country represented. 

Seniors Alec Monte (left) and Alex Hake (right) grill hamburgers outside of the RBHS main entrance. Representing the America booth, a pickup truck and country music energized the crowd.

Representing the Tunisia booth, junior Raghad Nasraldeen offers dates and displays Tunisian decorations and art.

Seniors Divya Divya and Erica Garrison serve biryani and chola at the Pakistan booth. Divya wore a traditional Pakistani dress.

Junior Donia Shawn and a 2016 alumna Ferris Dweik serve red rice and Timen Ahmar, a red rice dish from Iraq. 

Senior Joanna Yu used watercolor paint to make traditional Chinese paintings at the China booth. The China booth also offered a variety of warm and cold foods, decorations, and Chinese writing.

The Indian booth displayed traditional clothing, jewelry, a game board, artifacts and Indian foods including Lessi, a mango beverage.

Senior Camille McManus worked at the Indian booth and served students Pantua, an Indian dessert covered in sugar syrup.