Students participate in Mini Mizzou Thon to help kids


Eléa-Marie Gilles

Saturday Feb. 11, the University of Missouri opened its doors to host the annual event of Mini Mizzou Thon for raising money for the women and children hospital. Parents and kids were very happy, as the students who came for the cause. At the end of the day, the total of fundraising raised $17,159.08. Here some pictures of the event.


Girls from Rock Bridge are doing cards for the present kids.

A lot of volunteers were there to spend time with kids.


Senior Michelle Wu was writing something on the big board where people could write messages.


A lot of volunteers were there to spend time with kids.


Rock Bridge students were taking a picture in memory of the event.


Declan Johnson, 10, making a card for another kid. For Declan the event meant a lot, “we were doing stuff for the hospital that helps me and that all the money that we raised, will help a lot of other kids.” For his mom too it was very important, “a lot of other kids will have a chance of life you know, like just the money that raised goes back to the women and children hospital and you know they save his life so it will be for them to save other children’s life and more kids will have the chance to grow up and doing he’s going to do and everything so it’s been amazing and we really loved that.”

Cara McDonald, 8, playing the Frisbee during the event. For her this event means “a lot of fun stuff like dancing and playing.” And as she said, she “can’t wait for the main event” in March.


Senior Sarah Bai during the yoga practice.


During 6.5 hours, all the students there had to dance to show support to the event. People were very happy that students made this event. As Declan Johnson’s mom said, “Everybody get so into it and raised so much. It’s definitely an emotional time for us to see everybody come together to help the children that, you know, are less fortunate.”

Cara McDonald, 10, dances during the last hour of the event with all the students.


At the end of the event, students showed how much everybody raised. Everybody was happy to be there and to have participated.