Spirit week concludes with bruins’ Sunday bests


Skyler Froese

Photographer Eléa-Marie Gilles

Freshman Audrey Guess gets in touch with her inner princess as she wears an opulent tiara as well as a fur stole. 

Counselor Rachel Reed proves that she is just as suited to a life of luxury and gorgeous clothes as she is to laboring over letters of recommendation for seniors. 

Senior Chunghyung Lee brings white tie formality to RBHS with his dramatic three-piece suit and bow tie.

Junior Dalton Nunamaker displays some quirky charm through his retro, blue plaid tie.

Freshman Sarah Khulman brings a more refined approach to fanciness. While her black dress is simple, the lace detailing and sparkling headband make it clear that she is here for the glamour. 

Senior Catherine Ryberg, escort to courtwarming king candidate Boon Palipatana, proves that elegance is all in the details, like perfectly matching lipstick and dress shades.