Bruins beat Jays despite lack of energy


Elad Gov-Ari

Starting off strong, the Bruins came into the second half  giving up a measly 16 points to their rivals, the Jefferson City Jays. Through a hard fought second half, the Jays managed to score a stunning 45 points leading the final score to 75-61, a somewhat tight and non-rewarding victory for the Bruins.
Despite the victory, head coach Jim Scanlon was unhappy with his team’s performance. Stating a lack of energy killed the Bruin’s second half, Scanlon hopes to see more excitement and sparks coming from his players.
“We had our moments, but I was pretty disappointed in our effort,” Scanlon said. “I thought they out fought us down the stretch, in fact they did out fight us…. I have to give [JCHS] credit. We kind of had the game but they came back. We just didn’t have the spark or effort we needed.”
In agreement with Scanlon, senior guard Justin Hajicek did not celebrate his team’s victory as he, too, was disappointed with the night’s performance.  
“We had a little bit of foul trouble, but that’s never an excuse,” Hajicek said. “We had a lack of toughness, to start the second half, but we played pretty well the first half. I think that the problems we were having will easily be worked out in the future.”
Despite all of the shortcomings, senior forward Eysan Wiley looks ahead to future games knowing the team’s weaknesses and plans to correct them.
“They kept scoring, and we weren’t stopping them. We didn’t put our heads down and quit but we were moping around instead of making stops on defense,” Wiley said. “What we really need is to take charge of rebounds on defense and strike harder on offense.”
With the lack of energy, Scanlon found pride in his back-up players, who brought a turning point to the tide of the game through aggression and points.
“The guys on the bench helped us out a lot,” Scanlon said. “Ja’vell Sanders and Caleb Rhodenbaugh, Caleb scoring 15 points, pulled through and made things happen.”