Capen Park holds nature landscape in the city


Cassidy Viox

The urbanization of Columbia took over what used to be a small farming community. Now, with the Universities’ rowdy students and a city population of 119,108, it’s hard to find a place that feels real, a place that is natural within a city.
Famous for first-dates and teenagers smoking, Capen Park lies between Grindstone Pkwy. and Stadium Blvd., two of the busiest roads in Columbia. It’s hidden enough, though, that the roads don’t interrupt the peaceful ambiance of the park.
Junior Mattie Monsees enjoys Capen Park and finds herself there when she’s in need of a get-away.
Whenever I go to Capen it seems that there aren’t very many people there, so it’s a quiet, remote place that is peaceful and a good place to relax,” said Monsees.
The park is filled with trees and a forest-type landscape. Tall rocks and steep ledges provide rock climbing and the creek below is a great place for rock skipping. If neither of those are specifically interesting, hiking to the top of the rocks and pulling out a favorite book may be perfect.
“I’ve always loved hiking and climbing things as a kid, so it’s also just a fun sort of nostalgia,” Monsees said. “I also love the view from the top.”
The highest rocks of Capen Park face east, making it a perfect place to watch a sunrise. Grab some friends and go enjoy the nature that Columbia has to offer.
“I’ve only been to Capen a few times over the summer, but I wish I could go more often,” Monsees said. “It is a place I go to with my friends and I have fun memories there.”