Severe weather extends school hours


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At roughly 3:45 p.m. today, principal Dr. Jennifer Rukstad announced over the intercom that buses would arrive late due to inclement weather. Because of this, RBHS will stay open for as long as necessary to accommodate students. The action extends to both students waiting for their buses and for students choosing not to drive.
“We were letting everyone know they were welcome to wait here until either conditions get better [or] rides show up, whether that’s a parent or bus or whatever,” Dr. Rukstad said. “Anyone can leave at any time. We are aware that not everyone can leave so we’re making that option for everyone.”
To give students something to do in the downtime, the school announced the arrival of any buses over the intercom. In addition, they provided free meals in the cafeteria and also opened up the Performing Arts Center (PAC) to show the movie “Shrek” on the big screen. Other classrooms also projected movies and the gym was opened for students to play in. Dr. Rukstad thanks the other adults in the building for helping out with the circumstances.
“[The adults are] basically choosing to stay if they can. The support staff is choosing to stay if they can,” Dr. Rukstad said. “…if they can’t leave, they can stay on the clock and they can still stay and help. We are really thankful to teachers who are choosing to stay. Many of them know it’s gonna be a long drive home anyway, so why not just hang out here and wait until things clear out.”
Chemistry teacher Barry Still, one of the many teachers delaying his exiting the building, said he is helping out with the impromptu system by keeping the school safe.
“[I’m] just making sure kids aren’t in places they aren’t supposed to be,” Still said. “Just general safety issues. Kids are actually doing a really good with rolling with the punches.”
Senior Amy Gu said there’s not much else she could do beyond “rolling with the punches.” She said that, considering the circumstances, she is content with the situation despite the odd feeling of roaming the halls past release time.
“I guess school has always been like, ‘Oh, at 4:05 p.m. everyone gets out,'” Gu said. “Now we’re kind of forced to be in a situation where everyone is helping each other, but it’s creating a good community.”
Dr. Rukstad hopes the situation clears out as soon as possible and that everyone is able to arrive home safely, but she said in the meanwhile, the school will do its best to aid its students.
“So far, everyone’s being really patient and everyone’s being really kind. We’ll make it,” Dr. Rukstad said. “We’ll all make it out. We’re hoping to get everybody home and we don’t want to be here too late, so we’ll do what we need to do.”
by Skyler Froese and Rochita Ghosh
Update at 6:20 p.m.: 7 buses have arrived to RBHS to pick up students.