Abby Blitz

The reason I chose blue for my second blog is mostly because it is my favorite color. Whether it be a stormy sky with the small hints of gray, shallow waters of the ocean, or just simply the variations of blue nail polish. Blue can convey a feeling of calmness and also reminds people of the environment around them. Also due the fact today is election day and represents our nation’s colors.


“I like that it looks like my own ocean, but in my head,” sophomore Ben Yelton said.


“I enjoy wearing blue because it seems to go with a lot of things,” senior Caitlyn Hulett said. “The color is also pretty relaxing to look at since it isn’t as busy or bright as the warmer colors.”


“This is one of my favorite shirts,” senior Nick Alicea said. “I just really like the color and I think it brings out the blue in my eyes.”