Forest green


Abby Blitz

We all have a favorite color whether it be because of a memory associated with it or a continuous love of it from an early age. Colors are associated with feelings, memories, and geographic locations. Color is all around us and in every second of our life.
This blog explores the reason behind our love of certain colors and why we include them in our lives. It shows how certain hues and shades make us feel, what we think of, why we chose to wear them.
The reason I started off with the deep color of forest green was because the addition of it into our wardrobe with changing seasons. Also, the choice of green is one of RBHS’s colors. Wherever you look you can see army green in clothes, eyes, nature, and books.
“I really like my eyes,” senior Noah Van de Riet said. “Just because I always get compliments on the color.”
Standing with his friends at lunch, sophomore Adam Vincent casually sported his competition show choir jacket. “I wore this today because I honestly just thought it was gonna be somewhat cold outside,” he said. “I got it from the Rock Bridge show choir, and I wanted to represent our school colors.”
Lounging in his faded dark green pants, junior Finn Kisida contemplated his color choice. “I think of forestry colors just because I sort of like the connection between people and nature,” he said. “(I think) of a forest that just connects us all somehow.”
The thick paint of cabinets chip away while being forgotten about, stored away in in a back hallway of the downstairs.
The ancient archives of the past editions of The Rock stored away of cabinets in the Journalism.
Tell us what you think of the color darker green.