The editorial board responds to the September issue of the ‘The Rock’


On the morning of Sept. 22, The Rock, the student-run newspaper of Rock Bridge High School, printed and distributed a newspaper to the school. Approximately 1,500 copies were given to students, faculty and staff. On Page A6 of the newspaper, in a story titled “Athletes deserve sanctions,” an obscene word appeared on the artwork corresponding to the written piece. The obscene word was not added into the art by the artist, nor did the artist know the obscenity would be visible in print. 
Within 90 minutes, The Rock staff recalled and fixed the issue on as many copies as possible and redistributed the error-free papers to the public. The purpose of The Rock is to educate, entertain and inform the student body and the community. By no means does this incident reflect the philosophy and intentions of The Rock. The editorial board of The Rock sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience and the mistake.