Weightless confidence


Cassidy Viox

[vc_images_carousel images=”277166,277165,277164,277163″]This weeks Weightless Confidence student is sophomore Trey Robinson who is known for his wild hair. With curls rotating every which way and what seems like several pounds on top of his head, Robinson has grown to appreciate his crazy locks.
From a young age, he has had a love/hate relationship with his hair. His peers have made their own opinions about his hair and have pressured him to cut it or to grow it out. Robinson he has come to appreciate his hair. He doesn’t listen the opinions of his peers because he knows his curls are an integral part of him that make him special.
With the opinions of others weighing down on Robinson, he has his own ways of making himself feel confident. 
“Sometimes I look in the mirror and say ‘Oh, you’re hair big Trey’,” Robinson said. “[or] Alright, Trey, just do this or that and your hair will be fire.”
The way that Robinson has gone from being insecure about his natural hair to being confident is a feeling that everybody deserves. He has showed us that although sometimes it may be hard to truly love any part of your body, you can always overcome that by standing up and being confident in yourself and who you are.