Bruins win 4-3 in overtime against Francis Howell Central


Joy Park

Bruins triumph another home game this weekend against the Francis Howell Central Spartans. Goals administered by junior Ryan Imhoff and senior Tarnue Tyler cut the Francis Howell lead 3-2 by first half, while gaining an additional goal second half. The game ended regulation 3-3 followed by a tense 10 minute overtime. Bruins mustered their might and recouped their status, as header Brandon Rettke secured a final goal for Rock Bridge 4-3.
[TS_VCSC_Lightbox_Gallery content_images=”276906,276907,276908,276909,276910,276911,276912,276913,276914,276915,276916,276920,276919″ content_images_titles=”Bruins rally up minutes before the game against Francis Howell Central on Saturday 10/17.,Junior Drew Stanowski prepares a corner kick after the ball went out of bounds.,Junior Parker Fancher sneaks in front of opponent and claims the ball.,Juniors Sean Koetting and Carson Raetz block opponent.,Senior Jonah Lage retrieves ball after going out of bounds.,Junior Claude Mwitari dribbles the ball out of opponent’s reach.,Junior Ryan Imhoff and opponent collide midair while vying for the ball.,Senior Tarnue Tyler skillfully manuevers around his opponent to make a pass.,Varsity head coach Scott Wittenborn and assistant coaches Brandon Butcher and David Obermiller discuss during second half.,Junior Sean Koetting takes a break all the while keeping his eyes on the game.,Junior Moiz Muhammad steers the ball out of opponent’s reach.,Bruins victoriously gather around after junior Brandon Rettke heads a ball into the net during overtime. Rettke secured a 4-3 win against Francis Howell Central.,Senior Jonah Lage and teammates show sportsmanship after the game.” data_grid_order=”true” el_file2=””][/TS_VCSC_Lightbox_Gallery]Photos by Joy Park