Memorial Day makes impact on RBHS community


The last Monday of each May is when Americans celebrate Memorial day, which is set aside to honor soldiers who died while serving America. For many their fathers, mothers or grandparents fought in the World War II or even World War I and many more. May 25 is a day that is dedicated for them.
“My grandpa fought in World War II and the Vietnam War, where he sacrificed his life for America,” sophomore Weston Burris said. “There are many people in the United States that have lost their grandparents or loved ones during their years serving for the “land of the free” and the “home of the brave.”
This day is important because it’s the duty as citizens to recognize the bravery and patriotism for their country, junior Bria Trent said.
“Memorial day for me is not just having a good time with families,” Trent said, “but also a day of sorrow as many of our soldiers have lost their lives in the years past seving for us.”
Trent said celebrating and honoring soldiers who are fighting for America and have fought for America is the main purpose of Memorial day. For Trent, the main purpose of Memorial day is to honor veterans, soldiers and soldiers who have died fighting for America starting with the fight of Independence in the 18th century.
“If you think about it,” Burris said, “the idea behind Memorial day started when we gained independence from the British Empire on July 4th 1776.”
It’s not just Burris who remembers this date, but also millions in the United States according to Burris. Burris said Memorial day started the day America gained independence from Great Britain and that what’s real history.
“From the day of our Independence to this day, I am proud to be an American,” Gregory Irwin, a U.S. Studies teacher said, “and that mainly because of our veterans and soldiers that make us feel proud as who we are as a country.” Irwin, whose granddad also died in World War 2, likes to teach U.S. history because he feels like he gets a chance to educate the younger generation about the history of their country and how they have become the superpower of the world today because of their brave and success filled history.
“The most important for me is that when many people are celebrating with their families,” Burris said. “There are also hundreds and thousands of families in U.S. that are also in sorrow from the wars that have taken their loved ones lives.”
Burris feels when other families are celebrating, his family is in sorrow because of his grandfather’s death in the Vietnam War. Trent said Memorial day is not just filled with sorrow, but there are also good times.
“One of the most fun part of my memorial day,” Trent said, “is taking part or even just watching the memorial day parade.”
“Memorial day parades [Salute to Veterans parade] in downtown Columbia,” sophomore Caleb Rhodenbaugh, who is from a patriotic family, was raised in an environment with a lot of patriotism and passion for America said, “is always fun, where everybody is hyped and show their patriotism for America.”
According to Rhodenbaugh, Memorial day parades are filled with lots of people and fun along with respect and honor to veterans.
“Memorial day parades is something that I have always enjoyed ever since I was a kid,” said Irwin, who has been to the national memorial day in Washington D.C. in 2005 and said people are wild and crazy during the “Salute to Veterans” parade. For Irwin, Memorial day is good family time and also a time to honor veterans and soldiers who have lost their lives on the battlefield.
“At the end of the day, if I feel that we need to honor our soldiers who have lost their lives in the battlefield,” Rhodenbaugh said. “And at the same time respect and support those who are currently fighting for America and those who have brought America to this level in history.”
By: Keerthivaas Premkumar
Photo By: Keerthivaas Premkumar