Living post-graduation


art by Abby Kempf

Tatum Pugh

For any soon-to-be high school graduate, deciding what to do after receiving his or her diploma can be difficult. Ultimately, it comes down to each student choosing the most appropriate path depending on his or her financial status and career interests.
Kathryn Fishman-Weaver, a EEE adviser, helps students decide what to do with their lives after graduation.
“There are lots of post-secondary paths one can take. Many of our students choose to go to a four-year institution or a two-year college,” Fishman-Weaver said. “Some students will go directly into the workforce. Others will go into the military.”
At RBHS, students’ post-graduation plans are extremely assorted and diverse.
Take, for instance, senior Halle Kearns, who has plans to take a very unusual but exciting journey after graduation. She is expecting to move to Nashville, Tennessee this summer to pursue a musical career.
“Music has always had my attention over everything. I knew that if I went to college I wouldn’t be doing what I feel I’m made to do,” Kearns said.“I can’t wait to perform in front of more people. A lot of people go there just to hear all the music. I can’t wait to be a part of that.”
Many seniors moving on to adult life next fall are experiencing nerves about the changes to come for them, but Kearns remains optimistic that Nashville has many opportunities in store.
“Not a whole lot scares me about moving down there. I’m going to fall down a few times. It’s inevitable in this industry, so that can’t scare me,” Kearns said. “I guess if anything, I’m nervous about entering adulthood in such an irregular way. Ultimately, I just want to make music for the rest of my life. If I can find a way to make that happen, I will be thrilled.”
Another RBHS senior, Kyle Bell, has decided to enlist in the Navy right out of high school.
“I’ve always wanted to join the armed forces. I want to reach my full potential as a person, and I really think the Navy will help with that,” Bell said. “It’s been nice having the support of my family through my decision-making process. They want to see me happy and to be on the path towards success, and they know that, for me, this is that path.”
Bell’s life will be somewhat similar to that of an average college student, with a few glaring exceptions.
“I’ll be in school just like everybody else, except my school requires physical fitness, and I’ll be up every day at five a.m. I’ll also get to travel overseas which I’m excited about. Experiencing other cultures is really something I’m interested in.”
Just like anyone else, Bell has a set of goals for himself which he plans to achieve through his training with the Navy.
“Ultimately, my goals for the future are to have a good education and enough money to start a family,” Bell said. “I want to have a happy and full life.”
Another RBHS senior who has big plans for next year is Libby Stauffer. She will attend the University of Kansas beginning in August.
“I chose KU because my dad has always wanted me to consider it,” Stauffer said. “He went there and so did a lot of his siblings, so I went and visited, and I loved it.”
Like most incoming college freshmen, Stauffer has high expectations for the next four years of her life.
“I can’t even really decide what I’m most looking forward to because I’m just so excited for it all,” Stauffer said.
The year is coming to an end, but Stauffer knows she will still have many memories from RBHS to carry with her in the transition to college life.
“I am really weirded out that graduation is so soon. I can’t wait for next year and everything the future has in store for me,” Stauffer said. “I will definitely miss Rock Bridge and all the people that made my high school experience a great one. Hopefully the transition from being a Bruin to being a Jayhawk will be a smooth one.”
By Tatum Pugh