Students ‘try out’ next year


Rebecca Gray

Every year when April ends and May begins, students prepare for next school year. They pick their classes and extracurriculars and begin tryouts. With the wide range of things to try out or audition for at Rock Bridge High School, they can be a big deal for some.
In many ways, the preparation for next year helps determine what the  next school year will become, and what people will spend their time on.
“Auditions are important because they determine the time you spend or have, and the people you meet,” freshman Jessica Stefan, who tried out for Bruin Girls, said. “If I hadn’t done Bruin Girls, this year would have been very different.”
Not only does starting a new team affect how time is spent,  but it also determins who that time is spent with. In the article “Teammates Form Bonds That Last a Life Times,” Janelle Greer talks about the bonds she formed with those she played sports with. She says the close friendships could have been the result of all the time spent together during practices, and games. She explains most of the people she stayed closest to over the years were the people she played sports with.
“There may be other people in my life that I spent more time with, but there’s nothing like the time spent with teammates,” Greer wrote. “I’ve shared some of the biggest events of my life, past and present, with them.”
Closer to home, RBHS coaches and students agree.
“I think the key word is team. We have to become a team, a squad, before we can function as a cheerleading team to cheer on Rock Bridge.” RBHS cheer coach Carrie Stephenson said. “We have to function as a unit to be successful, no matter how awesome each individual cheerleader is in personality and skill. Being a cheerleader us being part of a bigger picture, you represent Rock Bridge.”
Although the rewards of being on a team are enormous, the tryouts, themselves, aren’t always easy.  With the beginning of a new team comes worry and stress for some.  When trying out, it is typical to hope for the greatest outcome and linked to that hope comes the fear of succeeding.
“During tryouts I worried and stressed more towards the end because that’s when they really start to evaluate how you play and if you get a spot on the team,” freshman volleyball player Faith Elsbury said. “Although the stress can push you to work harder, it can also make me over think and mess up.”
But even with the worry and stress of it all, in the end it was worth it.  The work spent on preparing for the new year tends to pay off and the worry is gone.  All the work is done until next year tryouts.  Finally it’s time to relax.
“All the hard work from tryouts was worth it.  The work put into tryouts helped get out team in shape for the season and prepared us for our games,” RBHS basketball and soccer player Megan Floyd said. “Not only did it prepare us but it connected the team. All the time spent together formed a bond between all the players, which helped us perform at games better.”
By Rebecca Gray