Global Village begins today


photo by Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kafi

As students entered the main door this morning, they noticed something strange about the commons. A few dozen flags from other countries were hanging from the ceiling. For the Freshman population, this is completely alien, but to the rest of the school, this is just the usual Global Village.
“I participated in flag hanging already this past week, but I don’t think that I’ll participate in any of the other activities except for maybe the music day,” senior Alp Kahveci said. “I’ve seen some people hyped about running booths, especially those interested in learning and sharing other cultures.”

photo by Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kafi
photo by Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kafi
The main attraction of Global Village will be this Friday, when RBHS students will participate in running booths from different nations across the globe. However, there are activities planned for each of the other days this week that go along with the international theme as well.
“On Monday it is henna [day], so students can get henna tattoos throughout the day. On Tuesday, we are going to have international dance performances and on Wednesday, which is typically Wild Out Wednesday, so music in the commons, but this week we are going to do International Wild Out Wednesday,” activities director David Bones said. “Thursday is the international fashion show and of course Friday is the actual Global Village.”
Bones said for the International Wild Out Wednesday, there was a survey online that students could take to suggest what music they wished to play during lunch. He said they received more than 90 suggestions, which they have to fit into a 30-minute playlist.
Today is henna day and throughout the day, a booth will be set up in the main commons for students to get free henna tattoos, which can be removed easily with water.
Kahveci believes people are looking forward to the henna day along with Global Village day. Although he has never run a booth in the past, he will be running a booth this year with a group of his friends.
“I really look forward to running this booth because I’ve been jealous of those who’ve done i before but I never really put much thought into it [in the past],” Kahveci said. “However, with a group of experienced friends, I’m very excited for the possibilities this year to represent a part of Islam and different cultures.”
Bones said on the Global Village day, it will be chaotic with hundreds of students going from booth to booth to experience different cultures and taste the food that is a traditional part of the day.
“It is more than the food, everyone loves the fact that they can sample foods from all around the globe, but it is more than just about the food,” Bones said. “It is a really cool way to learn something pretty unique about your fellow RBHS students. There is a lot of diversity here and just a lot of cool stuff that you can learn at Global Village.”
The schedule on Friday will be slightly altered to allow students to tour the Village and experience everything they wish to experience. The bell schedule will be taped up all around the school halls and is available on the RBHS website.
 By Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kafi
Click HERE for the altered bell schedule.