A recipe for the internet


Rochita Ghosh

Spark IFTTT announces new program

IFTTT is a web based program in which users can put the internet to work for them. They can create short conditional statements, called recipes, which accomplish certain tasks when prompted to. A simple button holds the potential for a thousand actions, and pressing said button is the prompt.
The name, IFTTT, is an abbreviation for the phrase “If this then that.”, the format each statement follows. If this event happens, then that event will happen because of the first event.
While designed to perform simple tasks, IFTTT can accomplish the more elaborate ones as well. Though preprogrammed, IFTTT can be reprogrammed to accommodate one’s lifestyle.
BearingNews asked: What do you think are the pros and cons of this product? Would you use it?“It would be a quicker, more stable way to do it [an action], but then things might malfunction to where you can’t use them, so if you actually didn’t have your key and say you had a door and you used your phone to unlock the door, and you could leave your key inside the house and the system malfunctions and you’re trapped outside the house.”—Jae Powell, freshman“I think it creates more efficiency and you have more time to do other things if it does things for you.” —Kerri Mathews, senior“‘Cause I got a three year old and a four year old, and they like opening doors … I’m an old person, so I don’t like relying on technology too much, so that makes me uncomfortable. I just got a smartphone, like, three months ago.” — Dr. Samuel Martin, counselor“It’s really convenient and everything, but it’s also kind of scary that this app is able to control all these things in your house … I guess it’s kind of creepy that someone would be able to get a hold of it [your phone] and do all this stuff.” — Camille McManus, sophomore“I think it’s definitely a great idea to have, but I think it also promotes people with less money, with less economic stability, like wishing and wanting that, and might spend money where they shouldn’t, because [this is] one of those things where it’s just kind of a waste. It’s just an extra luxury that you can have. I think it promotes this idea that people should spend money where they probably shouldn’t.” —Selma Zweifel, juniorBy Rochita Ghosh and Ron’Zena Hill
What do you think about this product? Would YOU use it?