After a decade, ‘The Polar Express’ is a timeless classic

After a decade, The Polar Express is a timeless classic

Renata Poet Williams

Every time winter rolls around, I pull out a box of hot chocolate and sit down to watch The Polar Express. It’s an essential to the Christmas movie collection of every shelf out there and is the favorite of many.
The film revolves around Billy, a kid who wants to believe in Santa Claus but is having doubts. When Christmas Eve arrives, a mystical train stopped at Billy’s house and took him on an adventure to the North Pole.
The scenes are well crafted. There isn’t one where you’re left bored; it’s intriguing through and through. One iconic sequence, the hot chocolate song-and-dance, is a specific scene that resonated in me. Its music was catchy and you couldn’t help but smile and want to drink some hot chocolate as well.
Although the hot chocolate scene is memorable, each piece of the movie, small and large, have a meaning. From the girl’s

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lost ticket to the Hobo on the top of the train, each envisions an aspect of reality through beautiful motion picture. Additionally, the special effects add to the wonders of the journey to the North Pole.
One problem I often find with animated movies is the voice acting, which is not an issue with The Polar Express. Tom Hanks voices the train conductor, the boy, hobo and many more, and does a phenomenal job matching the emotions with the animation’s.
I believe The Polar Express will be a timeless classic as the years go by, it’s message and it’s beauty will never expire. This movie is great enough to bring the Christmas spirit into anyone’s life. If it hasn’t already been a movie you’ve taken time to watch: sit down, warm up some hot chocolate and enjoy the ride.
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