Old Christmas classic ‘Frosty the Snowman’ remains timeless

Old Christmas classic Frosty the Snowman remains timeless

Derek Wang

Produced five years after “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” by the same producers, “Frosty the Snowman” aired on television in 1969. One of only five Christmas specials produced in the 1960s still airing today, “Frosty the Snowman” was created with traditional cel animation, which uses layers and many drawings to bring characters to life.
Describing the origin story of the talking snowman, the movie includes interesting characters such as an inept magician who cannot perform tricks to save his life, although he does have a magic hat that is used to bring Frosty to life, and a talking rabbit. Unlike Rudolph, this movie portrays Santa as the benevolent old man that everyone is familiar with.
Instead, the movie’s villain is the magician whose hat is the one used to bring Frosty to life. The magician, Hinkle, is hired to perform for the children at the elementary school, but fails miserably. However, his hat is actually magical, which causes both his rabbit to be able to talk and Frosty to come to life. Hinkle then snatches his hat back and prepares to leave, although his rabbit brings it back to the kids to reanimate Frosty.
The only problem with Frosty is that the kids technically stole the hat from its rightful owner, who spends the entirety of the movie attempting to get his hat back. Hinkle begins chasing Frosty

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and a girl named Karen towards the North Pole, where Frosty is attempting to go. Frosty and Karen manage to get close to the North Pole by train in less than a day. Obviously, that is impossible, unless the train is somehow travelling faster than a jet plane. Plus, there are miles of ocean between Canada and the North Pole.
Besides these technicalities, the story of Frosty the Snowman is still a classic and is one of the best Christmas movies. It does kind of advocate the theft of items if they bring holiday cheer, but that is something that is often overlooked. The animation is done very well, especially for its time, and the plot stays engaging, making you wonder if Frosty will make it to the North Pole. Overall, I give this 3/5 movie stars.
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