Live action ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ enhances Christmas classic

Live action How the Grinch Stole Christmas enhances Christmas classic

Ashley Tanner

Jim Carrey, a household name actor who is beloved by most, whose humor comes in all forms from a fool with his equally foolish best friend to a liar who couldn’t lie and everything in between. With Christmas around the corner, one Carrey movie that comes to mind is the Christmas classic redone, How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
Carrey’s humor changes the formerly known Grinch who was sad, lonely and angry. Now, rather than only being sad, lonely and angry, he has a sense of humor, too. Along with the humor change, the added time of a full length movie allowed for an extended plot.
There is no better actor to assume the role of the Grinch than Carrey. His ridiculous voices and almost creepy demeanor perfectly encompass who Grinch’s nature. Not only is he able to capture the creepy, greedy and angry side of Grinch, but he also made the transition from angry Grinch to loving Grinch perfectly. He was able to keep the creepy charm and still express his heart growing three sizes. If there is any time to tear up during the film, it’s that very scene.
Along with having a strong strong lead role, How the Grinch Stole Christmas had great supporting actors and actresses. Taylor Momsen who plays the delightful and cute Cindy Lou Who played a stronger role than in the animated version. Her part in the remake was much more dominant, she was just as important as Grinch.
Watching her come to life just as cute as she was in the animated film is amazing. She remained adorable as she was in the original, but she was able to take on a much larger and more important role. In the new plot, her character was vital to the Grinch’s transformation.
Not to bash on the original — it had its own charm and it will forever be a classic — but theres always room for improvment. The original was a wonderful children’s book, but lacked a back story. It starts out at the beginning of the end of the story, it left me with questions like “Why did the Grinch get so lonely?” “Where or who are his parents?” “How did he survive in the mountains?” All questions I longed answers to, and when ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ came out in 2000, those questions were answered.
Much to my delight, the Grinch became real. Not just a fictional character in a very short animated movie, but he is three dimensional, and along with being three dimensional came character that was lacking in the animated film. Viewers get to know him a little more personally. The movie revealed where he came from, a little bit about his tormented childhood and how he became so angry, it picks up the slack from the original.
One of my favorite aspects to the film is seeing what the Whoville citizens look like outside of animation. Seeing them come alive as humans is honestly beautiful. It’s the first time I had been able to see what they looked like in terms of actual people, it gave them a depth and relatability as people rather than just as fictional characters.
How the Grinch Stole Christmas is 104 minutes of laughter and joy as you learn how the Grinch, against all odds, heart grew three sizes and was full of love for all of the Whoville citizens he had once hated. It is a must see for my family and I every holiday.
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By Ashley Tanner