Seniors reminisce on past year at Baccalaureate


Jimin Lee

Emi Kurishima is an exchange student  from Japan. Her imagination of America was having nice friends, hanging out and learning English happily like one of scene in a teenage movie. However, the reality was totally different from her imagination. Walking the hallway with numerous unknown  people with indigestible language was not easy at all. The only thing she was waiting for was graduation and she wanted to go back to Japan.
Finally, the graduation was close at her hand but she feels empty and sad even though she was waiting for this graduation was totally different from her imagination.
When school starts, teacher used to ask students about what are they were looking forward to in order to break the ice and most of students’ answers are “graduation.” Some students can’t wait for graduation but when the time comes to leave school, leaving the familiar intimacy of  high school is not that happy. Numerous seniors also feel empty when they about to leave the school.
Kurishima is one such students.
“I used to think I will be happy when the school is over but it is actually different compare to my guess,” she said. “After graduation, I cannot meet my friends often and also my teachers. I also worry about am I ready for going society.”
Hence, Rock Bridge High School always tries to give countless memories to senior before the graduation as much as they can and one of their efforts is Baccalaureate.
“Baccalaureate is a ceremony that we celebrate the upcoming graduation for senior class,” activities principal David Bones said, “so that Rock Bridge Council students select who is going to be perform and speak the baccalaureate so this year they had the audition for group senior selected for couple performers and speakers and those students will speak and perform at baccalau
Baccalaureate has performances and speeches by seniors. The Baccalaureate will be in the gym May 20 at 7 p.m. Anyone can join and celebrate seniors’ graduation.
By Jimin Lee