Volleyball JV girls pull through, varsity falters


Sophomore Bailey Lawson jumps for a return during last Saturday’s tournament at Rock Bridge. Photo by Asa Lory

Brittany Cornelison

Sophomore Bailey Lawson jumps for a return during last Saturday’s tournament at Rock Bridge. Photo by Asa Lory
Jefferson City played host to the Bruin girls volleyball team this afternoon, Oct. 11, when the Bruins boarded a bus and headed south for a match against the Blair Oaks Falcons. Though they were away from home court, the girls predicted they would be bringing home another win for the Bruins.
The JV team went out onto the court with confidence, ready to win. They dominated in the first set, 25-12. Pumped, the RBHS girls were ready to face the second set. They once again clinched the win, leaving the game 25-17 for the Bruin JV team.
After the JV victory, varsity was motivated to do just as well. But when they faced the Falcons, the Blair Oaks girls surprised the Bruins with their strength and skill.
Junior Ali Kreklow, varsity setter, said she felt like Rock Bridge did well but buckled under pressure.
“I thought we played tough,” Kreklow said. “The [other] team was not as strong as we were, but sometimes those are the hardest teams to beat.”
The first set started off on a rough note with Blair Oaks leading 10-7. The ladies pushed through however and managed to double their points but still trailing, 19-14. Though they gave it all their effort, the lost the first set, 25-20.
In the second set, the varsity girls determined to display their best. In the beginning, they scored two points to secure a small lead, but toward the middle of the set they fell back into their rut with Blair Oaks ahead, 18-13. This seemed to set the trend for the rest of the game: the girls just couldn’t quite push through. The match ended with a final score of 25-17.
The RBHS girls, however, say they will  use this loss as a learning opportunity and hope to come out on top next game.
“We struggled a little today with serving and passing, which is important to the game of volleyball,” Kreklow said. “We did a good job at staying in the game and doing the best we could. We just made more errors than the other team and came up short.”
By Brittany Cornelison
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