‘Neighbors’ is sure to delight teen audience


Rachel Forrest

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In Neighbors, when director Nicholas Stoller shows two newly made parents who spent all the money they have on a nice house in a safe and quiet neighborhood they couldn’t be happier, that is until they learn who is moving in next door. Mac (Seth Rogen) plays an everyday guy from L.A. with  a new baby and boring job. While he and his wife (Rose Byrne) are thrilled to be new parents they are finding it hard to let go of their old teenage habits.

While trying to let go of the past and move on to the future, the couple soon finds that extremely difficult when a fraternity moves in next door. Trying not to be the un-cool adults, Mac and Kelly decide to face the problem head on.  This was a task that did not come easy when the fraternity’s president, Teddy (Zac Efron) and vice president, Pete (Dave Franco) make it their mission to keep their brotherhood going.

After a few attempts to nicely tell the boys to keep it down, they soon realize this is going to be more of a problem than they thought. After calling the cops for the noise from the frat party, Teddy declares war on the couple. Mac and Kelly quickly fight back creating plans for revenge. Neither side will wave the white flag giving the other full victory, which will lead to the biggest blowout ever.

Audience member continuously  laugh throughout the whole 96 minutes of the movie. Tricks after tricks, progressively getting worse and worse as time goes on. Mac and Kelly have to put the adult aspects behind them and become teenagers again to keep up with the frat brothers. Both Rogen and Byrne do a great job at coming up with quick new plans to keep the brothers on their feet, while Efron and Franco show the extreme brotherhood of living in a fraternity.

Teenagers from all across the globe will want to see this comedy to know what the buzz is all about.

By Rachel Forrest

Note: This film is rated R for pervasive language and sexual content throughout the movie.
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