Remiss, for a gift


Ross Parks

Senior Alicia Hoagenson sports a necklace she admits was first her mom’s, she says she found this at Breeze downtown. Photo by Ross Parks
If this last mother’s day didn’t go as well as you expected, or you didn’t expect it at all and forgot, then here are some simple ideas for next year. With this short list of ideas and deeds you won’t be caught off guard again, and maybe you could even save this year’s day if you play it off well enough.
Let me show you:  Make a quick video, poem or letter that tells your mom how you feel about her. While honesty is key, keep it as nice as possible, this is meant for the highlights! Tell her what about her you’ve always admired, an experience you’ve both shared or even one you wish you could soon share. (plane tickets to a vacation would do too, but just saying it could mean a lot too). When making a video, get creative and perhaps fake a newscast about the “mother year of award” being awarded to her, or something about her subtle kindness you’ve noticed through an “investigative report” about the house or her work, recognizing all she does. When doing a poem, it doesn’t have to rhyme, but it should have a cadence or allusions of creativity, otherwise it just becomes a sweet letter; not that that’s killed anyone before.
Buying it made me happy:  Prepare to a visit the department store, or local clothing outlet. Here are a couple links for the less than thrifty, most gifts rest around $50 so things could be worse, but time is literally running out, maybe see if these items are available in your area. But if you’re willing to spend a little extra to make up for it, I’m sure she’ll forgive you. ; ;
Hearts and Crafts:  Before you get ahead of yourself, don’t be too quick to put away the macaroni and glue. You could make something truly funny and creative this way. And now that you’re older, you know that the glue makes your hands sticky, so things can get frustrating. If you’d rather not, then here are some other suggestions. As always, chore coupons are a choice, just make about 5-10 cards on cardboard with assigned chores, (you can put on time constraints so things don’t get too serious) and allow her to exchange them in for the chores. If you already do your fare share of house-duties, try a collage. Find all your favorite pictures of yourself and her this pas year, a collage of you from birth to present or just flattering or funny pictures of her could make a great and inexpensive option. The easiest way I’ve found this to be done is using an SD card at Wal-Mart, the photos are cheap to process and I don’t damage family albums.
Make a reservation: Dinner never killed anyone, well not most of us… Anyway, doing dinner (yes that means paying for at least yourself and preferably her) can be a simple way out of the dog house. But try not to stop there, make it exciting. You can get a formal invitation and formally invite her, perhaps conspire with the rest of the family to meet you there, and spend the night sitting out together. Try and dress up too, making an appearance can be half the fun for anyone (especially most moms).  Make the location either a common location which she’s been comfortable before or go big for an option anyone of your family has been. However, a day out shopping might be time well spent for you both, perhaps head downtown and grab something to eat while you peruse downtown. The key here is time spent together.
Here are some good locations here in Columbia:      
By Ross Parks