What does your SUBWAY sandwich say about YOU?

What does your SUBWAY sandwich say about YOU?

Molly Sparkes

Subway offers so many choices, but how do your decisions reflect your personality?

 9-Grain Wheat

9-GRAIN WHEAT: You are patient and kind. You are often considered the “mom” or “dad” of the group. You like to keep in shape and eat healthy, but don’t forget to have fun with some friends every once and a while!

9-Grain Honey Oat

9-GRAIN HONEY OAT: You are a down-to-earth kind of person who enjoys the simple luxuries of life. You enjoy time spent with friends, but need some time alone with a good movie or book to keep your mellow attitude.


ITALIAN: You are a perky, joyful person with a big heart. You enjoy spending time with friends and making people smile. You might be a bit scatter-brained at times, but you tend to have best intentions on your mind.

Italian Herbs and Cheese

ITALIAN HERBS AND CHEESE: Spontaneous and adventurous, you like to push life to the limit and see how far you can go. Although your curiosity sometimes gets you in trouble, your good attitude and playful charms makes you a popular friend.

Flat Bread

FLAT BREAD: You are a punctual person who follows rules and get things done. People like you for your organizational skills, and you find yourself often in leadership positions during group projects. However, your very best friends can unleash a wild side of you otherwise unreachable.

American Cheese

AMERICAN CHEESE: You are a laid-back person who enjoys lazing around in your free time. When you start working on something you’re excited about, you perk up and no one can stop you from getting the job done.

Monterey Cheddar

MONTEREY CHEDDAR: Sweet and respectful, you set an example for others. You tend to be passive and understanding, but when your morals are compromised a certain spunk keeps you from complying.


CUCUMBERS: Cool, calm, and collected, you tend to have an air of sophistication. You work at a job until you’re satisfied, and your standards tend to be unreasonably high.

Green Bell Peppers

GREEN BELL PEPPERS: You have no problem jumping up and correcting strangers. You enjoy hearing the truth, especially when it comes from your own mouth. You don’t take time for nonsense, and your friends like how trustworthy you are.


LETTUCE: You are a simple being who finds beauty where others don’t. You may go unnoticed by some, but those who do take the time to notice you find a person who reflects the beauty they see.

Red Onions

RED ONIONS: Wherever you go, you leave your mark. People remember you- some positively, some negatively. You have a rebellious and independent attitude, and you protect your friends at all costs. People admire you for your straight-forwardness.


SPINACH: You tend to be a leader among your friends, mostly because of your strength and ability to make good decisions in bad situations. This may cause a lot of stress in your life, but you find ways to cope with all the responsibility, and will continue to be a good leader.


TOMATOES: You do best in crowds and enjoy socializing. People trust you with their secrets, and you love hearing gossip as well as giving out advice.

Banana Peppers

BANANA PEPPERS: On a scale of attitudes you lean towards a pessimistic lifestyle. You don’t think socializing is a worthy activity. Although your friends mean the world to you and you’d do anything for them, you don’t like to admit it.


JALAPENOS: You like following your own path filled with unique adventures and dangerous circumstances. You dare others to keep up with you and those who do become your best friends. You enjoy the extremes, and danger is no match for you.


OLIVES: You are a thoughtful person who enjoys stimulating intellectual chats. People admire you for your vast knowledge on a variety of topics, and although you can sometimes be a know-it-all, your ideas will take you places.


PICKLES: Your sarcastic sense of humor may go unnoticed by many. Laughter is an activity of highest priority to you. You may unintentionally hurt some feelings, but when you are notified of this, you are more than willing to apologize.