‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 staring Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man premiering May 2, 2014 in theatres all around the globe.

Ashley Tanner

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VkzArhVhIA”][/youtube] Each movie that Marvel creates based off of their endless list of super heroes seem to get better and better. From the quality of cast list, script, special effects, and story line will The Amazing Spider-Man 2 follow the tradition of great Marvel movies that is expected?
Many viewers had trouble accepting Andrew Garfield who was in The Social Network, as the new Spider-Man. After the previous Spider-Man trilogy starring Tobey Maguire, The Great Gatsby, came to an end, it was only so long before a new ‘Spidey’ was created. Garfield taking Maguires place was a tough one, he had big shoes to fill. Maguire was the first Spider-Man outside of the many animated series created that we had seen. Most commonly when someone thinks about Spider-Man, Maguire’s face pops up in the minds of many.
The writers, James Vanderbilt, Steve Kloves and Alvin Sargent knew this and so they brought a little uniqueness into the new rendition. Instead of keeping Mary Jane Watson, they replaced her with Spidey’s first love, Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone, who starred in The Help. Giving the new Spidey a little edge and room to make the The Amazing Spider-Man his own.
Garfield may not have been the Spider-Man that we had watched for five years, but he is definitely qualified to fill the role. He brings a unique quality that shows he is determined to please his fans. His acting is phenomenal from his hilarious voice, to his intense Spidey senses, he pulled his weight as the newest Marvel comic hero. At this stage in Peter Parker’s life he is a high school student so finding out that Garfield is actually 30 years old is shocking. He assumes the role of a high school student just as well as if he really was one. His youthful look and act brings Spider-Man to life before your eyes in a way that Maguire never really did because he looked too old to be a high school student.
Garfield took advantage of being able to start fresh with the ne rendition of Spider-Man. With his social awkwardness and quirky humor that make us like him more and more, he has everything we want to see in a superhero. Someone who is a little weird, maybe even an outcast who overcomes their inner struggles to do what they know is right, using their powers. And Spidey does just that.
Like most comic book movies, there is the good guy, the bad guy. We are introduced to Electro, played by Jamie Foxx who starred in White House Down and Rio 1 and 2 , the villain with serious mental stability problems. Electro’s need to be noticed fuels his anger causing him to take control of New York, and that’ where the hero of our story comes in. Taking on the challenge of protecting an ungrateful city, he goes head to head with Electro knowing that he may lose, possibly costing him his life. Jamie Foxx captured Max Dillon or ‘Electro’ perfectly. He had the hard task of turning a mentally unstable obsessive man into reality, no one could have done it better.
From the start of when we meet Electro you can feel his crazy oozing out, making him more interesting. After Dillon had become Electro, Foxx portrays a character full of confusion and sadness. But it did not take long before he tuned his confusion into hatred for our hero Spider-Man. Spider-man understood that he was significantly less powerful that Electro but he knew what he had to do, save the great city of New York. With aid from his sidekick/girlfriend he overcame the struggles of being a less powerful and saved the day.
In addition to great storylines and great acting, all good action movies need great special effects. From collapsing buildings to Spidey flying through the sky, Sony Pictures did a great job of making it all look real. Electro and his electricity that could be shot through the air looked almost as if it was really happening. It felt as if you were there experiencing it even without D-Box seats. The destruction that Electro caused in New York was tremendous and not even for a second did I think ‘wow, that looks so fake’ because it all looked so real.
From the beginning and to the end, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is an action packed movie that answers old questions and raises new ones. A must see movie, just like every other Marvel movie that has preceded it.
Spoiler Alert: Don’t forget to stay till the end, a surprise clip is shown after the first set of credits that may intrigue you.
By Ashley Tanner
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