Boys basketball dominates ACE Prep


The RBHS team meets in a huddle before the start of play against Raytown South. Photo by Maribeth Eiken

Justin Sutherland

[heading size=”15″]After beating Raytown South, the boys basketball team strode past Ace Prep 89-38[/heading]
The RBHS team meets in a huddle before the start of play against Raytown South. Photo by Maribeth Eiken
The Bruin team meets in a huddle before the start of play against Raytown South. Photo by Maribeth Eiken
With a rivalry game today, the varsity boys stepped up against their opponents ACE Prep High School last night looking for a chance to get a good game in before the Jefferson City High School match up.
After the 32 minutes of play time, RBHS came out on top with a decisive victory of 89-38. Senior Arris Pardalos said that the game itself helped gear them up for the Jeff City game, showing him what he needs to do against these kinds of teams.
” Ace Prep kind of run the same type of defense that Jeff City runs, so it kind of just allowed us to sort of practice in a way which will help us against Jeff City tomorrow,” Pardalos said, “just to see how their method works and how to beat it.”
However, the game against ACE prep somewhat damaged their ball play in senior Zach Carroll’s opinion because of the fact that ACE prep was not at the type of skill level that Jeff City plays at.
“It helped us get the rust off from not playing for a week,” Carroll said. “But at the same time, playing against a team like that can create bad habits because you can get away with stuff that you can’t when you’re playing a good team.”
Playing against this defense, though, Carroll found insight on what is necessary to work on and improve during the Jeff City game. Although the game may have been one that could potentially damage them, both Pardalos and Carroll agree that the game brought joy to not only themselves but the rest of the team as well with most if not all of the players seeing some play time.
“We got to play people who don’t get to see the floor time as much and they kept the lead going,” Carroll said,”which that’s always good to know.”
Still, Pardalos found points which he himself needs to work on as well as the team, such as continually working on rebounds and ball movement.
“You can never be too ready,” Pardalos said. “Getting that practice in let us know that our offense needs to offset their defense well.”
Similarly, Carroll sees improvements that need to be made and hopes to keep the same energy level that the team had during the beginning of the game.
“We still need to work on scoring when we can’t get layups, and we have to be able to execute plays on the outside and down the stretch,” Carroll said. “We also need to work on helping the side play defense, meaning if one guy gets beat, we have to be there to help him recover.”
By Justin Sutherland
The Bruins play today in the afternoon against the Jefferson City Jays hoping to continue their dominant run.