Career choices often go underappreciated


Art by Michelle Zhuang

Afsah Khan

Photo by Afsah Khan
Photo by Afsah Khan
As acceptance letters from colleges are slowly trickling into the hands of eager applicants, a common question among high school seniors, including myself, is what we actually want to do with our lives. The opportunities seem endless; each college majors seems to stem into countless potential career paths.
Whenever I think of what major to pursue in college, my mind starts spinning with possibilities. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have so many options. But the mere fact that we have all these choices, and the ability to choose any career path we desire, is an amazing demonstration of how much freedom we have. We truly take this for granted and instead focus on complaining about how there are too many choices to possibly make a decision.
Since my parents grew up in a foreign country, I often hear about how blessed I am to be the first child in the family to grow up in the United States and be part of our great education system. From listening to their stories, along with accounts of other family members who were raised in foreign countries, I learned that many children growing up outside of the U.S. only have one or two real career options.
My parents have told me about how many children are encouraged to either be a doctor or an engineer, whether they like it or not. They are told that those are the only options they have if they want to be successful.
Hearing about the limited opportunities my parents had makes me appreciate how much freedom we have to choose the profession we are interested in. Not only do we have that opportunity, but we are encouraged by our teachers and elders to choose a career path we really enjoy. Every college has a different variety of majors, and with thousands of colleges and universities scattered across the country, the world really is our oyster, as cheesy as it sounds.
Having the freedom to choose exactly what we want to do with our lives demonstrates how much freedom we really have. I think I take this great opportunity for granted because I often complain about how expensive and difficult it is to achieve your goals and get your dream job. But just the fact that this is possible is amazing; it’s a blessing that in exchange for hard work and devoted studying we can whatever we want and really watch our dreams come true.
By Afsah Khan