Upperclassmen trade lunch time for finals with ‘Like Days’


Graham Ratermann

A sign hangs out side the Media Center informing students like day schedules are available. Picture by Graham Ratermann

With finals week entering into full swing, lunch will also be more hectic as RBHS switches over to a like days schedule through Friday. Classes will be extended an extra 10 minutes and run in 95 minute blocks compared to the usual 85 minute blocks.

“I don’t think we should have like days all week because most of my finals are occurring on friday and thursday, so having longer classes and a shorter lunch Monday through Wednesday seems pointless to me,” junior Bailey Lawson said. “I also have baking before lunch and sometimes I have to stay late to clean so my 30-minute lunch can turn into a 10-15 minute lunch.”

To make up for the longer class periods juniors and seniors lunch period will be cut from a 74-minute lunch to a 31-minute lunch and Sophomores and freshman will not have Bruin Block. The idea behind like day schedules is to give teachers additional instruction time.

“Like day schedules are created so that teachers receive back some of the extra instructional time that is lost this year because of the addition of Bruin Block,” Guidance Counselor Dr. Alexander said. “So when we do like day schedules we’re giving teachers more time to focus on thei

Junior Andy Imhoff is opposed to the idea of having like day’s scheduling all week, “I need food to stay focused for the rest of the day and the short lunch limits opportunities to go and get lunch,” Imhoff said.

On the other hand Sophomore Tommi Brundage said she is fine with missing Bruin Block in return for added time to finish finals.

Lawson also shared the sentiment of a willingness to sacrifice lunch time for added time for finals, “It can only help.” Lawson said. “You have longer on each question and you have more time to double check your answers.”
By Graham Ratermann
How do you feel about either missing Bruin Block or sacrificing lunch time in order for more preparation for final exams?