Bruins dash Comets’ hopes for victory


Senior pitcher Breanna Logan warms up in the top of the fourth inning, helping her her team from the circle claim tonight’s victory over the Fatima Comets at Rock Bridge.

Maribeth Eiken

Seniors Bre Logan, Callie Sapp, Shelbie Atwell, and junior Maddy Cole talk in the circle before Logan threw her first pitch in tonight's game of 8-5 between the successful Bruins and the defeated Comets. Photo by Maribeth Eiken
Seniors Breanna Logan, Taylor Dillard, Shelbie Atwell, Callie Sapp and junior Maddy Cole conference in the circle during tonight’s game. With a final score of 8-5, the Bruins scored a victory over the Fatima Comets. Photo by Maribeth Eiken
Tonight, the Bruins varsity softball team won an intense, nail-biting offensive game against the Fatima Comets. With no score the first two innings, Fatima hit the score board hard with four runs in the top of the third.
Beginning with a walk from senior pitcher Connor Logsdon, the Comets capitalized on appropriately placed hits and an error by the Bruin’s defense. Keeping their heads up, the Bruins cut the lead in half with a base hit scoring run and a pass ball steal home, making the score 4-2 with Fatima leading into the top of the fourth.
The fourth inning finished with Fatima scoring again for a total of  five points. This did not change throughout the remaining three innings.
The fifth inning ended with another run from the Bruins. A double from senior outfielder Madison Wipfler and a base hit from senior second baseman Callie Sapp began the rally that lead to their victory.
In the bottom of the seventh, Sapp hit a two-run home run, making the game an even score of 5-5. While the crowd anticipated a night of extra innings, senior pitcher Breanna Logan stepped into the batter’s box. Before her at bat, seniors Shelby Atwell and Taylor McDannold had two base hits.
“All I was focused on was trying to do something for my team,” Logan said. “I was just trying to stay relaxed. My teammates did a good job for me today and I wanted to do something for them.”
Logsdon began the game in the circle and ended with a total of four strikeouts and two walks in the top of the third. Logan took over the circle in the top of the fourth and ended the game with a total of four strikeouts and three walks.
“They continued to work hard every single inning,” softball coach Janel Twehous said. “They never gave up that game. They honestly gave us their hearts. It was a great, honest team victory. I think we are headed in a great direction – anything is possible.”
By Maribeth Eiken
The Bruins add another win to their season making their record 8-3.