Summer hot spots


Friends sitting next to Missouri River

Lauren Jamison

Friends sitting next to Missouri River
Friends sitting next to Missouri River. Photo by: Bailey Linebaugh

It seems that every summer teenagers make the items on their bucket list more extravagant than the last. But some things will never change; the “hot spots” they constantly go to, until they are so sick of these places by the end of the summer.


     1.   Cooper’s Landing

Located at the Port of Nashville 11505 Smith Hatchery Road in Columbia, Cooper’s Landing is a place I love to spend my summer nights. Because it is located on the Missouri River, you can fish or just hang out by the water. It is a very relaxing place to be while surrounded by nature and watching the sun set over the river. Over the years more and more people have realized that Cooper’s Landing is the perfect place to take a break from your usual nights. Many people know Cooper’s Landing as The River, because people just love to spend hours here sitting by the water with their friends all throughout the night.


     2.   Lake of the Ozarks

Lake of the Ozarks has many things to do even if you aren’t able to go out on the gorgeous lake. First hot spot at the Lake of the Ozarks, is the strip. The strip consists of ice cream shops, bars, arcades, shopping and much more. At night you see the strip pile up with masses of people, different color lights brighten the sky, and people having an amazing time all throughout the night.

At the strip, one of my favorite places to spend my time is at the arcade. Here is where you start to see more and more people pile up to play skee ball and win huge stuffed animals worth thousands of tickets all throughout the night. The Arcade is a great place to meet new friends and have a fun time being a kid.

The second place that is very popular at the lake is a restaurant called Horny Toad’s Bar & Grill, or as presented on their signs, H. Toad’s. This restaurant not only attracts hungry people fresh off the water, but also attracts the people who love to party. H. Toad’s holds concerts such as Tech N9ne. A balcony surrounds the stage so the people who still want to eat, can watch joyfully.


    3.   Snowie

Snowie is a new snow cone stand that began in the summer of 2012. It is located in the parking lot of Gerbes, so people may be quick to pass by it on the road without stopping. Snowie is a great alternative to classic ice cream that a lot of people love to eat on hot summer days. The lines at Snowie can become long, but that should be a good sign that you’re spending your money wisely. You are bound to see someone you know at this amazing snow cone stand sometime during the day, enjoying the many different flavors they have to offer. My favorite flavor is Tiger’s Blood which is classic cherry syrup with a twist. Add a little or add a lot, Snowie’s snow cones are ones you have to try.

These hot spots are sure to make your summer great. Whether you go by yourself or with a group, your time at these attractions will be enjoyable either way.