Boys’ soccer quarterfinal to take place on home field

Daphne Yu

Kicking to gold: The boys' soccer team played fiercely this season to move onto the quarterfinal game.
Boys soccer will compete at the quarterfinal level at 2 p.m. Saturday Nov. 12 on the Bruins’ field. The team will play Nixa High School (24-3), sectional winner of District 10.
The Bruins played Nixa Eagles once before on Oct. 8 at the Kickapoo Tournament in Springfield, Mo. The team won the game 2-0. On Saturday’s game, Bruins have the advantage of the home field.
“First of all, we don’t have to play after a long bus ride,” senior Jonas Gassmann said. “It’s hard to come out intense and focused after a long bus ride. Also, we’re playing at home so we’re used to the turf and surroundings, and hopefully we’ll have a lot of fans as well.”
Tickets are $6. Activities passes are invalid for the match.
By Daphne Yu